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「The 13th Boom♛Box」

kidding☆[13"] ~jack o' lantern~

this is 【THE】choujuku scene
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happii welcome! to 'The 13th Boom Box'. You may ask yourself now why it's called like that, but it's not important. This is a community which offers useful stuff & resources. The only thing you have to do is to join this community (open membership). I'm mostly posting icons showing japanese rockers or pop artists, sometimes also manga or anime characters. If you need anything else you can fill out the request mailer. I'm sorry, but I won't accept any design or coding orders except you pay the real price for them (= paid account). The 13th Boom Box is clearly arranged and loosely based on tags. Make sure that you've checked the tags before you ask me for something. Anyway, enjoy The 13th Boom Box :) Join this community to grab stuff
❷ Place a link to this community when using any of my graphics
③ Don't edit anything I made
❹ Any questions? Go here
⑤ Do not claim my work as yours!
❻ Do not hotlink my graphics - upload them to your own server
⑦ Even though I'm German I'd like you to talk in English, please!